In the Dark REMIX 2017 - download single

by Chloe Bix

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In the dark my heart is distant thunder
In the dark I am the eye of the hurricane
In the dark my thoughts swirl like blossom in the spring
And my tears fall like summer rain

In the dark my body is bedrock
In the dark my aspirations fill the sky
In the dark I see through the eye of a blind man
And my soul feels like a spy

And a casket of cobwebs holds all that is real
On invisible suspensions from the stars
And through a garland of roses flows the lifeblood of a nation
To the serenade of fiddles and guitars

In the dark sweet colour has no substance
And silence, when you hear it, is pure gold
And every sound transforms into a symphony of sonneteers
From the darkness, from the silence, from the cold

In the dark I am devil and angel
And sometimes I meet with my dead friends
And when my dreams fandango round the rooftops of my mind
They keep me praying right to the bitter end




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